Online Text Therapy and Email Counselling

Text Counselling is private therapy by email or text chat over the internet.

Discuss problems with a professional therapist and counsellor through written words in real time or when it suits you to write.

Start Email Therapy

What is Text Therapy? 

Text Therapy is counselling or psychotherapy using instant message software like Skype Instant Messenger or Microsoft Messenger. You can have a conversation with your therapist in real time, typing out your concerns and questions. To find out how Text Therapy works and for more information, go to the Text Therapy page.

What is Email Therapy?

Email Therapy is counselling or psychotherapy by email. Send an email to your therapist and receive a written response with reflections and questions to help you work out what to do next. To find out how Email Therapy works or to start email counselling, go to the Email Therapy page. 

What is Psychotherapy? 

Psychotherapy is an approach to assisting people to experience change and new meaning in their lives. There are many different approaches to psychotherapy and counselling. For more information about the therapeutic approaches practiced at Text Counselling go to Therapy Approach.

What Makes a Good Therapist?       

A good therapist will be trained and experienced in the services offered. Reputable therapists are usually members of a professional association, engage in regular professional supervision and undertake ongoing professional development. To find out what these terms mean read the Your Therapist page.




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