Therapeutic Approaches

Text Therapy and Email Therapy are relatively new ways to participate in counselling and psychotherapy.

Email Therapy and Text Therapy

Having conversations through written words makes it easier to retain and remember what was 'said' during the dialogue. Both Email Therapy and Text Therapy support collaboration and participation in therapy. Both these forms of text counselling help us to find out own ways forward with the cooperation of a skilled therapist.

What is Collaborative Therapy?

Collaborative Therapy is a therapeutic approach that involves co-evolving meaning through dialogue and language. The goal of therapy is participation in a conversation that loosens and opens up new perspectives, meanings and understandings. In this way, conversation actually creates the therapy. Collaborating with a therapist through the exchange of language and understandings enables us to experience change and progress.

What is Narrative Therapy?

Narrative Therapy is a form of conversational therapy based on the idea that we make sense and meaning of our lives through the stories that we tell ourselves and others. A good therapist is skilled in helping people recover lost and forgotten understandings as well as discover new ways of seeing out lives.

Good therapy is not just about the therapist listening and it is not the therapist giving advice. It is the invitation to participate in the evolution of new meaning, the dissolving of problems and the re-authoring of our lives.

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