Your Therapist

Finding a Good Therapist.

If you are looking around for a good therapist, it is worth considering a few points.

  • A good therapist has both training and experience.
  • A good therapist is usually a member of a reputable professional association.
  • Good therapists participate in professional supervision and ongoing skill development.

What is Supervision?

'Clinical Supervision' for therapists does not mean management. It is part of what a good therapist does to maintain the quality and integrity of the therapy. It involves regularly engaging with another therapist in reviewing work as well as professional and personal development.

About Your Therapist

Ash commenced working as a counsellor over 20 years ago. He has a degree in social work from the University of Queensland, is accredited as a clinical mental health social worker and has completed further advanced training in narrative psychotherapy included courses with Michael White and through the Dulwich Centre in Adelaide. In addition Ash has a masters degree in writing from University of Technology Sydney.

Ash specialises in online counselling, email therapy and text therapy. Since commencing private practice he has become adept in using new technologies to provide counselling and therapy to individuals and couples around the world. Ash engages in regular professional supervision and ongoing professional development. He is a member of, and professionally accountable to the Australian Association of Social Workers.

Ash welcomes questions and can be reached through the contact form.

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